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May 26, 2016

House Of Noizz

Tonight we discuss Manowar's retirement, the passing of Nick Menza, and a great new band from Finland, Shiraz Lane.

May 24, 2016

the Northern Darkness of NZ on CACOPHONY...

        ~C A C O P H O N Y~

Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show.

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CACOPHONY are playing 100% NZ Metal for all 5 weeks in May and the LostMessiah is following up his all South Island show with an all North Island show. Featuring old and new from all points of the North Island, including Devils Elbow to Backyard Burial and Malevolence to Destructatron.

Don't forget to request your favourite NZ Metal tracks to CACOPHONY any time by eMailing requests (at)!

NZ Northern Darkness Playlist 1

Devils Elbow - A Little More
Beastwars - Call To The Mountain
World War Four - Pet Hate
Blackleaf Gardens - Green Goliath
Crows Call Murder - We're Not Dead Yet
Backyard Burial - Product Of A Sick Society
8 Foot Sativa - Thumbs, Eye Sockets, Love
Bulletbelt - The Black Army Stands
Graymalkin - Undisputable Misery
Destructatron - Castles
The Mark Of Man - Lament
Winter Deluge - Winters March
No Love Lost - Duct Tape Smile
Dying Of The Light - Initiation & Sacrifice
Skuldom - There Is Only Satan
Falciform - Cannibal Christianity

NZ Northern Darkness Playlist 2

Gunt - Faceplant
Pervertor - Scum, Entity, Disease
Resporn - Blessed Wings
Septicide - Artillery
Antagonist A.D. - Violence
New Way Home - Black Eyes
MetalTower - Doom
Malevolence - Chased Through The Woods (With A Rhyming Dictionary)
Blacktooth - Houses Of The Unholy
In Dread Response - Watchtowers
Bor'Tas - Humanities Cost
Sinate - Premonition Of The Wicked
Akaname - Nanamasta
Horrendous Disfigurement - Funeral Dismemberment
Depths - Sermons Of Sanctimony



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