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December 18, 2014

CACOPHONY – A Mixed Bag of Metal...

        ~C A C O P H O N Y~
Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show on...

RDU98.5FM Tuesday's 10pm-12pm.

Tonight on Cacophony, the Catsquid is dying of the plague so none of the usual bullshit ranting, just two hours of Brutal Metal with everything from Meshuggah to King Diamond!

Playlist 1 – The Metal or the Money

1 – Meshuggah – Dancers to a Discordant System
2 – Suffocation – Infecting the Crypts
3 – The Art of Dying
4 – Beyond Creation – Fundamental Process
5 – Annihilator – Alison Hell
6 – Mercyful Fate – Evil
7 – Whiplash – Power Thrashing Death
8 – King Diamond – Abigail
9 – Obituary – Slowly We Rot
10 – Fallen Order – The Age of Kings (NZ)

Playlist 2 – The Metal or the Bag

11 – Windhand – Feral Bones
12 – Bow Messiah – Perfect Virus (NZ)
13 – Offal Stench –Fumes of the Offal Pit (NZ)
14 – SinistrousDiabolus – On Blackened Wings (Thy Grief Eternal) (NZ)
15 – Decapitated – Nest
16 – The Devin Townsend Project – War Princess
17 – Acheron – Daemonium Lux
18 – Belphegor – Blood MagickNecromance
19 – Fen – The Dying Stars



eMail requests2014@cacophony.co.nz

sMail CACOPHONY, POBox33044, Barrington, Christchurch 8244, New Zealand.

House Of Noizz

New show available now!


December 10, 2014

Molten Metal Show 11th December


The Show this week is the best of 2014 Part 1 featuring music from Just One Fix,  Weapon UK, Avenger , Chrome Division & Much more.

Glam N' Cheese


This week we trial a live video stream of the show, so listen to this link if you want to hear the songs we play, and check out the video stream that is still available if you want to hear what we get up to during the songs (https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7018698/events/3638947). Anyway, this week we kick off with some classic Def Leppard and also some interesting trivia on the band. We discuss Megadeth and then play a sombre number from them. We play some Confess for Howie’s belated birthday. We also rock out some new Lordi and Autograph. Ant spends the whole show trying to figure out how to play music from an actual CD. He then spends ages figuring out how to play a DVD in the background. We’re up to the second song from VAIN’s debut album for our Vital Vain segment, playing one track every week from start to finish. We play a Guns N' Roses classic by L.A. Guns and discuss whether it’s technically a cover or their own version. Then we both simultaneously break into the obligatory head nodding in the breakdown. For Antvice this week Brendon tries to help out a listener with an old hubby that just can’t get enough of himself! Then we wrap up the show by forcing open the dirty old Box of Extra Cheesy Goodness for some Matt & Trey theme music!

House Of Noizz


Hey, it's Ozzy's birthday, so, yeah... expect some Ozzy!! Plus some really cool announcements, Mandatory Manowar and... We're getting deep, maybe too deep into discussing stuff. But hey, that's just what we do!

Molten Metal Show


The last regular show of the year features new music from Avenger, Weapon UK, & Judas Priest. Plus tracks from Sebastian Bach, Kamelot, Cobra Khan & much more.
Next week "The Best of 2014 part 1"

December 08, 2014

CACOPHONY's choice Black Metal Stocking Stuffers...

        ~C A C O P H O N Y~
Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show on...

RDU98.5FM Tuesday's 10pm-12pm.

This week on CACOPHONY we have a Massive 3 hour Black Metal show featuring Blood Of Kingu from the Ukraine, Nightbringer from the USA and Belphegor from Austria as the hourly feature artists and albums. We have new Blacker than Black Metal from Khold, Rage Nucleaire, Death Fortress, Varathron, Mahtowa Death March and all female band, Mortals.

We feature enough NZ Black Metal to compare with the international acts and we have two Metallica requests from Brendon… and a reminder that requests are welcome, even if it's your own band!

As always thanks to the Bands, Labels, Distro's who keep the Metal flowing, this week it's Season Of Mist www.season-of-mist.com and Nuclear Blast Records www.nuclearblast.de

Belphegor [Austria] [Black] – Conjuring The Dead [2014]
www.belphegor.at www.myspace.com/blephegor www.facebook.com/belphegor

Nightbringer [USA] [Black] – Ego Dominus Tuus [2014]
nightbringer.bandcamp.com www.myspace.com/nightbringerofficial www.facebook.com/nightbringer

Blood Of Kingu [Ukraine] [Black] – Dark Star On The Right Horn Of The Crescent Moon [2014]
www.myspace.com/bloodofkinguband www.facebook.com/bloodofkingu

the Conjuring playlist

Malevolence [NZ] – Life Machines
Metallica – Metal Militia + Creeping Death [Requests]
Khold – Myr
Belphegor – Conjuring The Dead + Legions Of Destruction + Black Winged Torment
Skuldom [NZ] – Shadowsphere
Nightbringer – I Am The Gateway
Rage Nucleaire – Ritual Murder
Pervertor [NZ] – Metallic Possession
Nachtblut – Chimonas

the Tuus playlist

Blood Of Kingu – The Bringer Of Pestilence
Bulletbelt [NZ] – Ironclad
Nightbringer – Et nox illumination mea in deliciis meis + Lantern Of Eden's Night + Things Which Are Naught
Omat Makkarat [NZ] – Zloh Greh
Mortals – Anchored In Time
Solstafir – Middegi
Malevolence [NZ] – Human Suit
Nachtblut – Gotteskrieger
Myrkur – Dybt Skoven
Varathron – The Bright Trapezium

playlist of the Dark Star

Winter Deluge [NZ] – Demonic Dweller Of Winter Plains
Blood Of Kingu – Crowned Scarlet Moon Is Waiting For Eclipse + He Who Is Not To Be Named + Sigil Of The Watcher
Decimated King [NZ] – Despair
Belphegor – Gasmask Terror
Mahtowa Death March – Pipe Bombs, Loose Morals and High Fashion
Defamer – Psyklonic Summoning
Malevolence [NZ] – Nothing And Nowhere
Nachtblut – Marchen
Mortals – View From A Tower
Death Fortress – Pride Of The Enslaver



eMail requests2014@cacophony.co.nz

sMail CACOPHONY, POBox33044, Barrington, Christchurch 8244, New Zealand.