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December 29, 2011

Molten Metal!

Its the last show for 2011 & its a "best of the year" Featuring new music that came out this year, plus there's an interview with Scotty Rocker & we'll pay tribute to Gary Moore (R.I.P.) to end the show.


CACOPHONY "Anti-Christmas" 27th December 2011 1 - Malevolence - Fuck The Lord (NZ) 2 - Slayer - The Antichrist 3 - Deicide - Homage for Satan 4 - Morbid Angel - God of Emptiness 5 - The Crown - Satanist 666 - Six Feet Under - In League With Satan (Venom Cover) 7 - Skuldom - There is Only Satan 8 - Venom - Black Flame of Satan 9 - Behemoth - Satan's sword (I Have Become) 10 - Dimmu Borgir - Satan My Master 11 - Aphelon - Wipeout Christianity (NZ - Sinistrous Diabolus Cover) 12 - Belphegor - Fukk The Blood Of Christ 13 - Entombed - That's when I Become A satanist 14 - Arch Enemy - Diva Satanica 15 - Venom - Rege Satanis 16 - Anaal Nathrakh - Satanchrist 17 - Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas 18 - Archfiend - Lust For Satan (NZ) 19 - Marduk - The Black Tormentor Of Satan 20 - Gorgoroth - Incipit Satan 21 - Danzig - Satan's Child 22 - Bill Hicks on christianity (Comedy)

House Of Noizz!

New show up now - a look back on 2011.

December 23, 2011

Xmas Day Xmas Specials!!!!

All day on Xmas Day, we are playing Xmas Metal Special shows only! What better way to celebrate Xmas than with all your fav Metal bands getting in the spirit while you get into the spirit(s) too! Ho Ho Ho!

December 22, 2011

House Of Noizz!

The Xmas show is out now. We hope you enjoy it, and have a great Xmas! House Of Noizz would like to thank our listeners for their support throughout 2011!

Molten Metal!

Its the Molten Metal Xmas special. featuring Xmas music from Helix, Twisted Sister, Queensryche & much more.


THE ROADIE hosts this week on CACOPHONY, an "Old School" show featuring Black Sabbath, Grim Reaper & Krokus PLUS NZ Metal bands Confessor, Tempest, Rosa Bayonet & Strikemaster.

December 19, 2011

Hard, Fast and Heavy!

Hard, Fast and Heavy show for 7/11/11 Playlist KORPIKLAANI- Metsalle. CLAIM THE THRONE- Set Sail on Ale. AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE- It's Turbo Time. KULUS- Falling Sleepless. EMMURE- You sunk my Battleship. SYBREED- Synthetic Breed. PSYCROPTIC- Carriers of the Plague DYING FETUS- Your Treachery will Die with you. KRISIUN- The Extremist. ABIGAIL WILLIAMS- The Departure. MACABRE- The Black Night. CAVALERA CONSPIRACY- Electric Funeral ACID BATH- Paegen Love Song. PSYCHOSTICK- Because Boobs. INFINITED HATE- Demon King. THE RED SHORE- Knives and Wolves KLONE- The Spell is cast. OUR LAST ENEMY- Carrion. INDICATOR DOGS- Hell Money. DARKLIGHT CORPORATION- The Fallen.

December 15, 2011

Molten Metal!

Its NWOBHM time on the Molten Metal Show. Featuring rarities from Arc, Salem, Fireclown, Dawn Watcher. Plus classics from Blind Fury, Girlschool , Iron Maiden and much more from those halcyon days.


COVERS on Cacophony this week, feat. NZ Bands - Hammerack, Darklight Corporation, Diocletian, Aphelon, Daemon, Malevolence, Vassafor, Vixen Execution and Human! Also Totality, Insidious Disease, Generation Kill, Angelous Apatrida, Briar Rose, Hammerfall, L.A. Guns +++ more...

December 10, 2011


Hello listeners! Welcome to the new metalradio.co.nz site on Blogger! Stay tuned here to hear all the great shows, and for the latest updates on the station. More news coming soon! - metalradio.co.nz