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January 11, 2012

Sick Room

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Playlist as follows:

EXODUS - Bonded By Blood
ANTHRAX - Madhouse
SLAYER - Haunting The Chapel
DARK ANGEL - Perish In Flames
DESTRUCTION - Bestial Invasion
MORTAL SIN - Into The Fire
WHIPLASH - Warmanger
XENTRIX - Reasons For Destruction
SACRIFICE - Terror Strikes
ONSLAUGHT - Damnation
ACID STORM - Terminator
SILENCE - Dark Tide Rising
HIRAX - Bombs Of Death
ARBITRATER - Nightmare Vision
AFFLICTION - Peace Through Violence
EXUMER - Possessed By Fire
VIO-LENCE - Liquid Courage
ATROPHY - Rest In Pieces
D.A.M - Human Wreckage
ARTILLERY - Fear Of Tomorrow
HEATHEN - Kill The King (Rainbow cover)
METALLICA - Ride The Lightning