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February 20, 2012

Hard, Fast & Heavy

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ELUVEITE- Prologue/ Helvetios
ALPINE FAULT- Into the Night
HUNTED- Chosen
IRON FIRE- Dreams of the Dead Moon
GOATWHORE- When Steel and Bone meet
MESHUGGAH- Break those Bones whose Sinews gave it motion
ABORTED- From a Tepid Whiff
CALIBAN- Broadcast to Damnation
ORANGE GOBLIN- Red Tide Rising
TERRORIZER- Hordes of Zombies
SINATE- Submit your Blood
BLINDFOLDED AND LED TO THE WOODS- Free Thought and a Time Machine
SOULFLY- World Scum
HETERODOX- Till the Road takes its Toll
PSYCROPTIC- The Throne of Kings
TSJUDER- The Daemon Throne
ROSE FUNERAL- Grotesque Indulgence
BOR'TAS- The Cost of Humanity
LIBERTEER- Barbarians at the Gates