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May 10, 2012

NZ Metal Month - CACOPHONY Show #2 - HUMAN Interview!!

~C A C O P H O N Y~
Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show...

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TONIGHT on CACOPHONY... NZ Metal Month continues with an Interview with Scott from HUMAN, maybe a guest Metalstar in the studio and loads of Throat Tearing, Bowel Moving tracks from ALL that is NZ Metal!!

Playlist CACOPHONY #2 of NZ Metal Month

Awakened Inferno [NZ] - Tear It A New One + You're Going To Hell
Backyard Burial [NZ] - Amok In The Church On PCP
Dissolution [NZ] - Winter's Dawn
Omat Makkarat [NZ] - Jack The Ripper
Hell Comes To Frogtown [NZ] - $16 Rattlesnake Blues
Zerstiren [NZ] - Ley Lines
Decimated King [NZ] - Ashes
**INTERVIEW with Scott from HUMAN [NZ]**
Human [NZ] - Teenage Bonesaw Massacre
Machette Justice [NZ] - Ballad Of Bubba J White
Blindfolded And Led To The Woods [NZ] - Abigail Is Dead
Torturer [NZ] - Axed In The Arse
Malevolence [NZ] - Leukwarmia
Hellbourne [NZ] - Swampking
Beltane [NZ] - In Darkness Desolate
Anno Domini Mortus [NZ] - Exorcism
The Mark Of Man [NZ] - Sleepwalkers
In Dread Response [NZ] - A Dying Light
Sinate [NZ] - The Black Death
Tainted [NZ] - ...Vengeance