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September 17, 2013

...somewhere in the Metal Haze, CACOPHONY!

     ~C A C O P H O N Y~
Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show.

CACOPHONY this week features the NEW album from 8 Foot Sativa "The Shadow Masters" which released a couple of weeks ago on 30th Aug and they are playing in Christchurch this weekend at Churchills Live. Also on the show NEW metal from Darkthrone, Bow Messiah [NZ], Autopsy, Devourment, Hypocrisy, Exhumed, Gorguts, Necronomicon, Soilwork, Warbeast and Havok. NZ Metal from The Rising Tide, Ulcerate, Legacy Of Disorder, Gunt, Horrendous Disfigurement and Filth Massacre.

8 Foot Sativa [NZ] [Thrash-Death] - The Shadow Masters, 2013
www.8footsativa.co.nz www.myspace.com/8footsativa www.facebook.com/8-foot-sativa

First Hour - Rollable...

Bow Messiah [NZ] - Perfect Virus
Coffins - No Saviour
Filth Massacre [NZ] - Sin
Darkthrone - Lesser Men
8 Foot Sativa [NZ] - Shadow Masters
Autopsy - She Is A Funeral
Hellborne [NZ] - Lost Boy
Revocation - Numbing Agents
Horrendous Disfigurement [NZ] - Funeral Dismemberment
Devourment - Fucked With Rats
Gunt [NZ] - [Spoken Intro] Faceplant
Beyond Creation - Le Detenteur
8 Foot Sativa [NZ] - The Second Chance
Hypocrisy - Pleasure Of Molestation
Legacy Of Disorder [NZ] - Break
Cannabis Corpse - Blame It On Bud

Second Hour - Smokeable...

8 Foot Sativa [NZ] - Anatomy Of Hate
Exhumed - Coins Upon The Eyes
Ulcerate [NZ] - The Imperious Weak
Carcass - Unfit For Human Consumption
8 Foot Sativa [NZ] - Never Abide
Gorguts - Forgotten Arrows
Blacktooth [NZ] - Desensitize
The Monolith Deathcult - Night Of Death In The Family Home
Necronomicon - The Valley Of The Lost Souls
Bow Messiah [NZ] - Godless
Soilwork - Long Live The Misanthrope
8 Foot Sativa [NZ] - As It Burns]
Havok - Give Me Liberty... Or Give Me Death
The Rising Tide [NZ] - Nightmare
Warbeast - Egotistical Bastard
8 Foot Sativa [NZ] - Vision Of Red



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