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August 09, 2017

LostMessiah enjoys a 2 hour Thrashing on CACOPHONY!

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This week the LostMessiah thrashes out the Thrash with 4 feature artists in an effort to catch-up with all of the great Thrash releases since March! NZ Thrash from Resporn, Falciform, Deathnir and Sinate to mention a few.

Frankenbok [Australia] [Groove - Thrash] - Vicious, Lawless [14th Jul, 2017]

Tankard [Germany] [Thrash] - One Foot In The Grave [2nd Jun, 2017]

River Black [USA] [Post Thrash] - River Black [7th Jul, 2017]

Municipal Waste [USA] [Thrash] - Slime And Punishment [23rd Jun, 2017]

Thrash Mash Playlist

Sinate [NZ] - Premonition Of The Wicked
Septicide [NZ] - Artillery
Frankenbok - Stalker, Stalker + Voodoo Inc. + Of Chaos & Fear + Tombs Of Solid Gold
Deathnir [NZ] - Bringer Of Evil
Denial [NZ] - Self Deception
Tankard - Don't Bullshit Us + One Foot In The Grave + Syrian Nightmare + The Evil That Men Display

Thrash Mosh Playlist

Awakened Inferno [NZ] - Tear It A New One
Angel Hammer [NZ] - Soothing Voices
River Black - Low + Boat + #Victim + Sink
Deathnir [NZ] - Wings Of Death
Tainted [NZ] - Averice
New Way Home [NZ] - Paper Hearts
Falciform [NZ] - Cannibal Christchurch
Municpal Waste - Shrednecks + Parole Violators + Low Tolerance + Death Proof
Resporn [NZ] - Blessed Wings



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