About metalradio.co.nz

New Zealand's Premiere Metal Radio Station, on the (digital) air since 2011!


We are proud to play local content with no DJ, no ads, no interruptions every Friday night from 9PM, and international content with no DJ, no ads, no interruptions every Saturday night from 9PM NZ Time.

Here is how to get your band's song on rotation for these shows:

Send a fully tagged mp3 to metalradio.co.nz@gmail.com, mentioning that you have read and agreed to the terms outlined below
We receive no NZ On Air funding (or any funding at all other than what comes from our own pockets!) and nor do we have ads or make any profit whatsoever. Its actually the opposite, this station costs quite a lot of money to run and we receive no money back. Therefore if you, your band, your record company, distributor or anyone else associated with the song you want to submit are wanting or expecting any kind of royalties whatsoever, you will not receive any, so in these cases please do not submit your song. This service only exists to try and increase your exposure get your song heard by more people who reside in your local area and thus who may buy a ticket to your shows and/or purchase your music and merch; it is not any kind of revenue generation service.