About metalradio.co.nz

New Zealand's Premiere Metal Radio Station, on the (digital) air since 2011!


What is metalradio.co.nz?
metalradio.co.nz is the New Zealand online metal station started by Brendon Adam in 2011.

Are you owned by a media conglomerate?
No, this station was set up privately to give metal a place in the New Zealand broadcasting industry. Big radio in New Zealand have taken all of their metal shows off the air, which is the main reason why this station is needed.

How do I tune in?
Go to the metalradio.co.nz web address. You can also hear our station on Tune In Radio which also offers apps for mobile devices so you can listen on the go.

What genres are covered?
Hard Rock, Classic Heavy Metal, Speed, Thrash, Progressive, Doom, Death, Black, Folk, Power, Glam, and every other metal sub-genre you can think of.

What are the advantages of listening to the shows?

  • Stay up to date on the latest releases and metal news
  • Stay informed on which bands are playing throughout NZ
  • Band interviews
  • Competitions and giveaways
  • Strong recognition of both local and international talent

How do I make a song request?

Go to the Song Request page

How do I get my NZ Metal band played on metalradio.co.nz?
See Contact Us for the details

How do I advertise my product / service / event / band release?
See Contact Us for the details

Can you offer cross-promotion with my event?
See Contact Us for the details

I’ve always wanted to be a radio DJ. How do I ask about it?
See Contact Us for the details

Why is my favorite metal show not featured on metalradio.co.nz?
A select few shows are not available to us.

Why are you not a ‘real’ radio station?

It would be far too expensive to set up an FM station, and we believe audio streaming is the future, not FM broadcasting.