About metalradio.co.nz

New Zealand's Premiere Metal Radio Station, on the (digital) air since 2011!

Play My Band

metalradio.co.nz now offers airplay for your band's latest promotional single!

We are a non-profit organisation so all we ask in return is a small donation of only $10NZD (that's around $6USD). This gets your song one month of solid rotation on the station and covers the work of uploading your single in the correct format. In donating you'll be showing your support for what we do and helping us to pay our broadcasting costs to keep the station going.

Donation per single:

1 month of general rotation - $10 NZD (Cheaper than a burger meal, but much better for everyone!)
3 months of general rotation - $20 NZD (Most popular choice, allows for more repeat exposure)
12 months of general rotation - $50 NZD (Best value allowing listeners to get to know the song over time)

Still interested? There's only two steps to make it happen, and get your band cranking on metalradio.co.nz.

STEP 2 - Send a screenshot of your donation confirmation screen along with your related mp3/s to metalradio.co.nz@gmail.com and we will get your song loaded for the nominated time period ASAP!

All songs go into general rotation on the station for the nominated period, and will also be requestable via our Request A Song page.