About metalradio.co.nz

New Zealand's Premiere Metal Radio Station, on the (digital) air since 2011!


Molten Metal Show
The Molten Metal Show is dedicated to old school metal & hard rock with some new stuff thrown in for good measure. If you like your metal from the halcyon days of the NWOBHM then this is the show to listen to

Cacophony is a Heavy Metal Radio Show based in Christchurch. They play at least 25% NZ Metal Music, all genres of new and old metal and listener requests. 

House Of Noizz
The voice of Metal Resistance! Join Max Thrasher as he plays the best of Speed, Thrash, Folk, Power, and plenty more.

Glam N' Cheese
A showcase of the craziest hair bands from the eighties and the cheesiest metal songs around, featuring Brendon Adam and Ant Ward.

The Metal Bar
Director of Wrecking Ball Media Ltd and host of The Metal Bar, join Riccardo every week to hear the latest and greatest.