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February 10, 2012

Axe Attack

The Axe Attack Playlist Sunday 12 Feb 2012

Metallica -The Small Hours
Corrosion Of Conformity -Clean My Wounds
Tygers Of Pan Tang -Take It
New Way Home -Mirror
Lamb Of God -The Undertow
Lamb Of God -Invictus
Nuclear Assault -The Great Depression

Judas Priest -Blood Stained
Fear Factory -No One
The Sign Of The Southern Cross -The South Is Rising
Nero Zero -King Of Rock City

Metal Church -Faith Healer
Day 3 -Past Relived
Devilskin -Little Pills
Team Kill -Ditch

Diamond Head -Call Me
Curse The One -Stars & Hell
Curse The One -Legendary

Anthrax -In The End
Protest The Hero -Cest La Vie
Ryan Kershaw -Mystical Searching
Sinate -Godless World
Born Of Osiris -Shaping The Masterpiece
House Of Capricorn -All Hail To The Netherworld
Killswitch Engage -My Curse

World War Four -Ghost
Bullet Belt -Rape The Angel
Mark Of Man -The Albatross
Sticky Filth -Said The Labourer
Black Sabbath -Its Alright