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February 01, 2012

Bulletbelt [NZ] Writhe And Ascend Tour INTERVIEW and Black Metal on CACOPHONY

Back to BLACK on CACOPHONY, new Metal from HETERODOX [NZ], LORD MANTIS,  SIGH and ABIGAIL WILLIAMS. Plus an INTERVIEW with Ross from BULLETBELT  [Wellington] about "Writhe and Ascend" as well as their NZ Tour. NZ  METAL from SABBATIC GOAT [Wellington], DRACO AERIUS [Wellington]...  plenty of Old School BLACK METAL too!
New show available now. Click here to listen!
Cacophony Playlist 31st Jan 2012
Heterodox [NZ] - 'Till The Road Takes It's Toll 
Abigail Williams - Radiance Sabbatic Goat [NZ] - Anemic Swine 
Sigh - Purgatorium + Somniphobia + Amnesia 
Bulletbelt [NZ] - The Black Army Stands + Writhe And Ascend 
Bulletbelt [NZ] - INTERVIEW with Ross [Guitar] 
Bulletbelt [NZ] - Of The Skeleton [Live @ STL] 
Pervertor [NZ] - Metallic Possession 
The Disciples Of Zoldon [NZ] - Drink Deep From Blackened Bile 
Lord Mantis - Septichrist + Ritual Killer + Levia 
Draco Aerius [NZ] - Zealot