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May 16, 2013

House Of Noizz

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On House Of Noizz this week we present the epic 28 minute Manowar track, Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts, along with added commentary by Max, who actually took the whole thing very seriously and scrawled down extensive handwritten notes in preparation. Catch his informative presentation, along with new Avantasia, classic Accept (Balls To The Wall!) and some Tenacious D prior to their NZ tour (that song's for you, Brian "Roadie" Byas!) Latest Burzum too!

AVANTASIA - The Watchmaker's Dream
ACCEPT - Balls To The Wall
QUEENSRYCHE (Geoff Tate's) - Dare
MANOWAR - Achilles, Agony & Ecstasy In Eight Parts
I. Hector Storms the Wall
II. The Death of Patroclus
III. Funeral March
IV. Armor of the Gods
V. Hector's Final Hour
VI. Death Hector's Reward
VII. The Desecration of Hector's Body
A. Part 1
B. Part 2
VIII. The Glory of Achilles
GREAT WHITE - The Angel Song