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January 14, 2014

... a Black beginning on CACOPHONY.

       ~C A C O P H O N Y~
Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show.

CACOPHONY this week is black on track to make it another great year for all our listeners both in New Zealand and around the World with our Netcasts hosted at

Many of you will think I have some sort of Black Metal fetish as this, my first show of 2014, is Black Metal themed once again, as was my last show of 2013! It is of course no coincidence that it is Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and many Black Metal bands like to release new albums on the coldest, shortest, bleakest days possible - and since most of the worlds Black Metal comes from these places - now is the time for new offerings from the frozen north...

... nor is it a coincidence I do like Black Metal!

This week we have new/old Drudkh from the Ukraine and Murmur from the USA, plus the usual awesome Black Metal from NZ - enjoy!


Drudkh [Ukraine] [Black Metal] - Eastern Frontier In Flames [2014]

Murmur [USA] [Black Metal] - Murmur [2014]

Playlist 1 feat. Drudkh [say : Dr_oo_k]

Perverter [NZ] - Diabolical
Drudkh - Ashes
Drudkh - Ten Ktery Se Vyhyba Svetlu [Unclean Cover]
Drudkh - Recidivus [Sacrilegium Cover]
Winterfylleth - The Gates [Hate Forest Cover]
Diocletian [NZ] - Might Is Right
Solstafir - Tormentor
Omat Makkarat [NZ] - Vinterisen
Mordavia - In Dark Times
Daemon [NZ] - Lord Of Chaos
Septicflesh - Temple Of The Lost Race
Aphelon [NZ] - The Curse Of Soil And Blood

Playlist 2 feat. Murmur

Bulletbelt [NZ] - Locust
Murmur - Bull Of Crete
Murmur - When Blood Leaves
Murmur - Lark's Tongues In Aspic [King Crimson Cover]
Intorment [NZ] - Grip Of The Serpent
Inquisition - Where Darkness Is Lord And Death The Beginning
Winter Deluge [NZ] - Last Hour Of The Raben
Endstille - Monotonous
Helm Of Awe [NZ] - Sumbol
Wirghata - Nightmare
Decimated King [NZ] - Black Death



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