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August 28, 2014

Cut, Shot & Stomped on CACOPHONY...

        ~C A C O P H O N Y~
Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show on...

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Tonight on Cacophony we check out the new offering from The Haunted, Exit Wounds (Sweden, Century Media 2014), and the new EP from Auckland’s The Mark of Man, Exeunt (NZ, Independent, 2014) which is available free on their bandcamp page, as well as new music from Belphegor, and Autopsy, Classics from Morbid Angel and Pestilence, and Kiwi Metal from Tainted, Zerstiren, Torturor, Ulcerate and more.

The Haunted, Exit Wounds (Sweden, Century Media 2014)http://www.centurymedia.com/artist.aspx?IdArtist=121

The Mark of Man, Exeunt (NZ, Independent, 2014)

Part 1

1 – Obituary – Redneck Stomp
2 – Triptycon – Boleskine House
3 – The Haunted – 317/Cutting Teeth
4 – The Haunted – Time (Will Not Heal)
5 – The Mark of Man – Monolithic (NZ)
6 – The Mark of Man – The Craven (NZ)
7 –Ulcerate – Confronting Entropy (NZ)
8 – Bulletbelt – Ironclad
9 – Morbid Angel – God of Emptiness
10 – Pestilence – Spheres
11 – AnaalNathrakh – The Final Absolution
12 – Sepultura – The Vatican

Part 2

13 - The Haunted – My Salvation
14 – The Haunted – Kill the Light
15 – The Mark of Man – Lament (NZ)
16 – The Mark of Man – Greys (NZ)
17 – Amon Amarth – Blood Eagle
18 – Zyklon – A Cold Grave
19 – Autopsy – After the Cutting
20 – Torturor – Thawed Out Fuck (NZ)
21 – Zerstiren – Leylines (NZ)
22 - Belphegor – Rex TremendaeMajestatis (from conjuring the dead)
23 – Gorguts – Forgotten Arrows
23 – Suffocation – Seeds of the Suffering
24 – Tainted – …Vengeance (NZ)
25 – Backyard Burial – You Sleep, We Creep (NZ)


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Saturday September 13th@ Churchills - Crash-scan, Dying Of The Light, Aut0n and My Dads A Heart Surgeon, R18 9pm

Friday October 3rd at Churchill’s – Bulletbelt Writhe and Ascend tour, support and details TBA, Doorsales only.

Saturday October 4th@ Churchill’s - Rules Of Addiction Album Release Tour, R18 7:30pm

Wednesday October 8th@ Dux Live BEASTWARS & WINDHAND w The Hex Waves, R18 8pm

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Molten Metal Show

On The show this week: New music from Seven Deadly & Accept. Plus I open the vinyl vault again with one from the NWoBHm & much more.

August 21, 2014

Molten Metal Show

Its a Judas Priest Special featuring all 13 tracks from the new album "Redeemer Of Souls" and much more.

August 19, 2014

CACOPHONY! feat. a Cannabis Whore and a Goat Corpse...

        ~C A C O P H O N Y~
Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show.

This week on CACOPHONY we feature the marijuana and Cannibal Corpse inspired Cannabis Corpse and their latest album.  Goatwhore also have a new album and we toss them onto the sacrificial Metal Altar to bleed out a few new tracks.

As always the usual new and old International and NZ metal fills in the gaps to flesh out the full 2 hours of the show.

Thanks as always to our suppliers of fine Metal, Chris at Maric Media / Metalblade for the Goatwhore and Pip at Southbound / Season of Mist for the Cannabis Corpse.
www.metalblade.com www.maricmedia.com.au www.season-of-mist.com www.southbound.co.nz

Cannabis Corpse [USA] [Death Metal] – From Wisdom To Baked [2014]
www.cannabiscorpse.us www.myspace.com/cannabiscorpseeva www.facebook.com/cannabis-corpse-official

Goatwhore [USA] [Thrash – Death – Black Metal] – Constricting Rage Of The Merciless [2014]
www.goatwhore.net www.myspace.com/goatwhore

An Hour with Cannabis

Channel Zero – Kill All Kings
Hellborne [NZ] – Swamp King
Cannabis Corpse – Baptized In Bud + Individual Pot Patterns + THC Crystal Mountain + From Wisdom To Baked
Decimated King [NZ] – Black Death
God Macabre – Life's Verge
Omat Makkarat [NZ] – Vinterisen
Tombs – Ashes
Gunt [NZ] – Faceplant
Skeletonwitch – This Evil Embrace
Bow Messiah [NZ] – Maggots Consuming A Decayed Planet
Aborted – The Extripation Agenda
Ulcerate [NZ] – Await Rescission

An Hour with a 'Whore

Cannibal Corpse – Sadistic Embodiment
Horrendous Disfigurement [NZ] – Master Of Disembowelment
Goatwhore – Poisonous Existence In Reawakening + Unraveling Paradise + Reanimated Sacrifice + FBS
8 Foot Sativa [NZ] – West As
Serpentine Path – Essence Of Heresy
Depths [NZ] – Sermons Of Sanctimony
Black Anvil – Eventide
Sinate [NZ] – Seizure
Triptykon – Altar Of Deceit
Crows Call Murder [NZ] – We're Not Dead Yet
Austrian Death Machine – Crom
Metaltower [NZ] – Doom
Tankard – Fooled By Your Guts



eMail requests2014@cacophony.co.nz

sMail CACOPHONY, POBox33044, Barrington, Christchurch 8244, New Zealand.
Oh yea, we're back (forgot to announce that!) - AD FREE NON STOP MUSIC!!!

August 18, 2014

Offline for now

We are offline for a little while making improvements to our playlists... back soon!!!

August 14, 2014

Molten Metal Show

On the show this week new music from Death dealer, Devil You Know & Edguy. Plus I visit the NWoBHM again with tracks from Random Black, Overdrive & Nythra. And there's much more.

August 07, 2014

REBRANDING!!! Some exciting changes are afoot! Now we have a powerful and clean stereo 128kbps stream, immortal bulletproof servers, and we are working on more LIVE exclusive shows!!! Get in touch if you want to host your own Metal show here on metalradio.co.nz! Some more cool shit on the way too!

Molten Metal Show

On The Show this week: New music from Fozzy, Save The Clock Tower & Weapon UK.
Plus more rarities from the NWoBHM

August 05, 2014

Covering the A to 666 of Metal on CACOPHONY...

       ~C A C O P H O N Y~
Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show.

This week on CACOPHONY we visit the "Covers" by Metal bands. Long the tradition of using a "Cover" song as an album filler, now bands are releasing entire cover albums, such as Anthrax's 2013 "Anthems" album and Drudkh's "Thousands Of Moons Ago" EP.

So here is two hours of new, old… funny and bizarre Covers!

1st Hour

Vassafor [NZ] – Black Funeral [Mercyful Fate]
Coraxo – Refuse-Resist [Sepultura]
Drudkh – Recidivus [Sacrilegium]
Daemon [NZ] – K.A.P. [Brutal Truth]
Septicflesh – The Last Time [Paradise Lost]
May Result – The Horny And The Horned [Impaled Nazarene]
Graymalkin [NZ] – Reek Of Putrefaction [Carcass]
Burning Rain – Kashmir [Led Zepplin]
Endstille – Blasphemer [Sodom]
Malevolence [NZ] – Prime Mover [Zodiac Mindwarp/Alice Cooper]
Anthrax – TNT [AC/DC]
Havok – Children Of The Grave [Black Sabbath]
Aphelon [NZ] – Wipe Out Christianity [Sinistrous Diabolus NZ]
War From A Harlots Mouth – Dolph Lundgren [Will Haven]
Lord – Shattered [Pantera]
Brian Posehn – The Gambler [Kenny Rogers]

2nd Hour

Backyard Burial [NZ] – Post Mortal Ejaculation [Cannibal Corpse]
Black Anvil – Under The Ross [KISS]
Dividead – Make Total Destroy [Periphery]
Hatebreed – Suicidal Maniac [Suicidal Tendancies]
Diocletian [NZ] – All That Remains [Bolt Thrower]
3 Inches Of Blood – Not Fragile [Bachman-Turner Overdrive]
Nasum – Tools Of The Trade [Carcass]
Totality – (Death Metal) Friday [Rebecca Black]
Human [NZ] – Breaking The Law [Judas Priest]
Angelus Apatrida – Be Quick Or Dead [Iron Maiden]
Cannibal Corpse – No Remorse [Metallica]
Dimmu Borgir – Perfect Strangers [Deep Purple]
Bulletbelt [NZ] – Mistaken Identity [No Tag]
Disturbed – Land Of Confusion [Genesis]
Hayseed Dixie – Mein Teil [Rammstein]
Winterfylleth – The Gates [Hate Forest]



eMail requests2014@cacophony.co.nz

sMail CACOPHONY, POBox33044, Barrington, Christchurch 8244, New Zealand.