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December 10, 2014

Glam N' Cheese


This week we trial a live video stream of the show, so listen to this link if you want to hear the songs we play, and check out the video stream that is still available if you want to hear what we get up to during the songs (https://new.livestream.com/accounts/7018698/events/3638947). Anyway, this week we kick off with some classic Def Leppard and also some interesting trivia on the band. We discuss Megadeth and then play a sombre number from them. We play some Confess for Howie’s belated birthday. We also rock out some new Lordi and Autograph. Ant spends the whole show trying to figure out how to play music from an actual CD. He then spends ages figuring out how to play a DVD in the background. We’re up to the second song from VAIN’s debut album for our Vital Vain segment, playing one track every week from start to finish. We play a Guns N' Roses classic by L.A. Guns and discuss whether it’s technically a cover or their own version. Then we both simultaneously break into the obligatory head nodding in the breakdown. For Antvice this week Brendon tries to help out a listener with an old hubby that just can’t get enough of himself! Then we wrap up the show by forcing open the dirty old Box of Extra Cheesy Goodness for some Matt & Trey theme music!