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April 15, 2015

Your voice wanted on please


We need to occasionally chuck our station name in the mix between shows and songs, so people know what they are listening to, and seeing as we are serving the metal bands and fans of NZ first and foremost, we want the voice of the station ID to be everyone who has a spare five minutes to send us in their own voice, saying "metal radio dot co dot nz".
It can be as simple as whispering, saying or death growling / shrieking the station's name into your smartphone and emailing it to us, or it can be an epic Power Metal-eske audio production of spectacular pristine audio containing not only the station name but whatever other information you want to add or get across. The ones which sound the coolest and most suitable for playing anytime will be played the most, but I will play ALL SUBMISSIONS which are acceptable for airing.
What do you get paid? Nothing! But you get the adoration and fame which comes along with being one of "the voices" of - doors will open for your career (please note doors may not actually open for your career). If I like your free work enough I may just ask you to carry out more free work in the future! And maybe one day if I make seven bucks I just may give you about tree fiddy.
So you have your assignment. This message will self destruct when I have enough submissions. Good luck, and make the best five seconds of audio since your last orgasm.

Oh, and pimp your band too!
PS this is also a chance for any NZ Metal band to throw us a sting - you know, "This is *your name* the fucking badass *instrument you play* from *awesome band name* and you're listening to metal radio dot co dot nz - you know the same tired stuff you have to do over the phone from hotel rooms across the world for all those other lame stations.