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September 01, 2015

Hate Eternal and de Nile on CACOPHONY...

~C A C O P H O N Y~

Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show.

This week on CACOPHONY, due to requests, we explore the Death side of Metal! Featuring very recent albums from Hate Eternal [USA] and Nile [USA] plus requests for Morbid Angel, Obituary, Deicide and Death. Also on the show, Swedish Death legends Unleashed and German Death-Defilers Milking the Goatmachine, plus the usual contractual obligation of NZ Metal to blast your ears!

CACOPHONY? To fucking right…

Thanks to the Bands, Labels and Distro's that support CACOPHONY. This week it's John from, Nuclear Blast Records and Season Of Mist Records

Hate Eternal [USA] [Death Metal] - Infernus [21st Aug, 2015]

Nile [USA] [Technical Death Metal] - What Should Not Be Unearthed [28th Aug, 2015]

Hate Eternal Playlist

Death - Pull The Plug [Request]
Ulcerate [NZ] - Vermis
Deicide - Once Upon The Cross [Request]
Malevolence [NZ] - Digitize
* Hate Eternal - Locust Swarm + Pathogenic Apathy + The Chosen One + Zealot, Crusader Of War
The Mark Of Man [NZ] - One With The Tides
Whoretopsy - Jackhammer Skullfuck
In Dread Response [NZ] - Watchtowers
Unleashed - A New Day Will Rise
Septicide [NZ] - Artillery
Human [NZ] - Teenage Bonesaw Massacre

de Nile Playlist

Obituary - Cause Of Death [Request]
Morbid Angel - Bleesed Are The Sick [Request]
Decimated King [NZ] - Disease
Nile - Call To Destruction + In The Name Of Amun + Evil To Cast Out Evil + Rape Of The Black Earth
Hellborne [NZ] - Dead And Nothing New
Gruesome - Trapped In Hell
Milking The Goatmachine - Mrs. Goatfire (Nanny Of The Damned)
Dawn Of Azazel [NZ] - The Flames Of Failure
Lamb Of God - Engage The Fear Machine
Rise Of Avernus - In The Absence Of Will...



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