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June 22, 2016

Carnifex release 'Six Feet Closer to Hell' lyric video


release 'Six Feet Closer to Hell' lyric video

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San Diego, California-based metal outfit CARNIFEX have released the official lyric video for 'Six Feet Closer To Hell'.

Watch it now here:

Also watch the first single 'Drown Me In Blood' here:

The song comes off the band's forthcoming record, »Slow Death«, which will be released onAugust 5, 2016.

Preorder »Slow Death« here:

The record was produced and recorded by CARNIFEX and Mick Kenney (ANAAL NATHRAKHBLEEDING THROUGH), and co-produced by Jason Suecof (DEATH ANGEL,CHELSEA GRINJOB FOR A COWBOY). »Slow Death« was mixed by Mark Lewis (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDERWHITECHAPELDEVILDRIVERDEICIDE) at Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida. Cover art for the album was created by renowned artist and longtime collaborator, Godmachine.

Check out a quick teaser of music and the album artwork here.

"Album number six, over 10 years as a band and we have more fire and passion than ever,"comments vocalist Scott Ian Lewis. "This album will reshape our genre and be looked back on as an album that started a new movement for aggressive, dark metal. We're going to show those who love us and those who hate us just how far reaching our ambition is."

»Slow Death« track list:
01. Dark Heart Ceremony           
02. Slow Death
03. Drown Me In Blood
04. Pale Ghost 
05. Black Candles Burning           
06. Six Feet Closer To Hell           
07. Necrotoxic 
08. Life Fades To A Funeral        
09. Countess Of The Crescent Moon     
10. Servants To The Horde

CARNIFEX’s latest release, »Die Without Hope«, reached #98 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 chart upon its release in March 2014 via Nuclear Blast Records.  The record also reached #8 on the Hard Rock Charts.

More on »Die Without Hope«:
'Die Without Hope' music video
Studio Blog Part 1
Studio Blog Part 2
Studio Blog Part 3
'Dark Days' Lyric Video:
'Dragged Into The Grave' Lyric Video
'Dragged Into the Grave' guitar lesson
'Condemned to Decay' guitar lesson

Scott Lewis – Vocals
Shawn Cameron – Drums
Jordan Lockrey – Guitar
Cory Arford – Guitar
Fred Calderon - Bass | 

June 21, 2016

New NU Metal on CACOPHONY...

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Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show.

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This week the LostMessiah checks out what's new in NU Metal. The genre now includes elements of 'Core, Melodic Death, Alternative and “Post Metal”. Feature artists are Devildriver and OTEP with new(ish) releases and singles from Cold Snap, Eths and Croatian metalers Jinjer. Requests for Prong, Soulfly and Machine Head kick off the second hour and we cram in a good number of NZ Metal tracks too!

Devildriver [USA] - Trust No One [13th May, 2016]

OTEP [USA] - Generation Doom [15th May, 2016]

First Hour Playlist

Cold Snap - These Boots Are Made For Walkin' [Cover]
Resporn [NZ] - Solace
Skindred - Under Attack
Beastwars [NZ] - The Death Of All Things
* Devildriver - Testimony Of Truth + Bad Deeds + Feeling Ungodly + Retribution
Slave Collective [NZ] - Evil's Disguise
Ill Nino - I'm Not The Enemy
Blackleaf Gardens [NZ] - Green Goliath
Eths - Nihil Sina Causa
OTEP - Royals [Lord Cover]
Resporn [NZ] - Blessed Wings

Second Hour Playlist

Faster She Said [NZ] - The Warning
Prong - Whose Fist Is The Anyway? [Request]
Soulfly - Masters Of Savagery [Request]
Machine Head - Eyes Of The Dead [Request]
* OTEP - Zero + God Is A Gun + Generation Doom + On The Shore
Head Like A Hole [NZ] - Swagger Of Thieves
Devildriver - Trust No One
Decode The Design [NZ] - Chaos Lanes
Jinjer - Words Of Wisdom
Awakened Inferno [NZ] - A Will To Power
American Head Charge - Down And Depraved
Beastwars [NZ] - Black Days
Drowning Pool - Hell To Pay



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June 20, 2016

Ashaena announce upcoming album's details

Ashaena announce upcoming album's details

Romania based Pagan Folk Metallers ASHAENA have completed the work for their long-awaited second full-length album, Calea, a 7 tracks effort ready to be released on CD this July 18th via Loud Rage Music.
The artwork is signed by the band's drummer Alex “Moş Strechia” Duduc.
Pre-orders and streaming are now available here:


1. Tapae 87
2. Calea
3. Tara Berladnicilor
4. Crapat di Cer
5. Spirit-Sageata
6. Zbor Insetat
7. Mos Urs

Ghost Bath 'Happyhouse' music video online; »Moonlover« re-issue out now!


'Happyhouse' music video online;
»Moonlover« re-issue out now!

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Depressive black metal merchants, GHOST BATH, have released a dismal and disturbing music video for the track 'Happyhouse', here:

The clip was directed by Jesse Lynch ( and the song comes from the band's latest record, »Moonlover«.

"This video encompasses true despair and melancholy in a variety of ways," comments vocalistNameless"'Happyhouse' is the track most resembling classic DSBM on the album. It is stripped down and minimalist and so we created something fitting and dreary for the music video."

»Moonlover« is now available both physically and digitally with an exclusive bonus track worldwide via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Order your copy here:
Get it digitally here:

GHOST BATH will embark on their first ever North American and European tours in support of their latest album, »Moonlover«, this summer.

11.07.  CDN     Vancouver, BC - Astoria
12.07.  USA     Seattle, WA - Crocodile
13.07.  USA     Portland, OR - Lola's At Crystal Ballroom
14.07.  USA     San Francisco, CA - Bottom of The Hill
15.07.  USA     Los Angeles, CA - Complex
16.07.  USA     Las Vegas, NV - Divebar
17.07.  USA     Mesa, AZ - Nile Theater (scaled)
19.07.  USA     Colorado Springs, CO - Black Sheep
20.07.  USA     Kansas City, MO - Riot Room
21.07.  USA     Oklahoma City, OK - 89th Street
22.07.  USA     Austin, TX - Dirty Dog

05.08.  D         Karlsruhe - Stadtmitte
06.08.  D         Saarbrücken - Garage
07.08.  D         Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
08.08.  CH       Zürich - Dynamo
09.08.  A          Salzburg - Rockhouse
10.08.  D         Dresden - Chemiefabrik
11.08.  D         Rostock - Alte Zuckerfabrik
12.08.  B          Ieper - Ieper Fest
14.08.  UK       Walton On Trent - Bloodstock
15.08.  D         Bremen - Tower
16.08.  DK       Copenhagen - Beta
17.08.  D         Berlin - Lido
18.08.  PL        Warsaw - Chmury
19.08.  SK        Kosice - Collosseum Club
20.08.  RO       Alba Iulia - Dark Bombastic Evening
21.08.  H         Budapest - Dürer Kert
23.08.  A          Vienna - Arena
24.08.  D         München - Feierwerk
25.08.  I           Misano Adriatico - Wave
26.08.  CH       Winterthur - Gaswerk
27.08.  F          Paris - La Mécanique Ondulatoire
28.08.  D         Oberhausen - Helevete
29.08.  NL        Eindhoven - Dynamo
30.08.  D         Hamburg - Hafenklang

15.09.  USA     Whitehall, MD - Shadow Woods Metal Fest

»Moonlover« - Tracklist:
01. The Sleeping Fields
02. Golden Number
03. Happyhouse
04. Beneath The Shade Tree
05. The Silver Flower Pt. 1
06. The Silver Flower Pt. 2
07. Death And The Maiden
Bonus Track
08. Ascension

GHOST BATH began in October of 2013 with the release of their self-titled EP on Solitude Productions (China). This was followed by their debut LP titled »Funeral«, which was released onPest Productions (China) in June of 2014. »Moonlover«, their latest LP was released originally on Northern Silence Productions (Germany) and is now being re-released through Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The album was produced by Josh Schroeder and Nameless and mixed byJosh Schroeder.

More on »Moonlover«:
'Ascension' VISUALIZER:

More info:
Full Image

Glam N' Cheese 126

June 19, 2016

RIP Nick Menza - Where Shadows Forever Reign on CACOPHONY...

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Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show.

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Tonight on CACOPHONY - Tonight on Cacophony, we pay tribute to the late Nick Menza with some tracks from the Megadeth albums he was the skin basher on, as well as tracks from the new Dark Funeral album Where Shadows Forever Reign, plus some fucking savage kiwi Metal from Vote Deny, Odiousembowel, Primacy, Heavy Metal Ninjas and more.

Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign (Sweden, 2016, Century Media)

CACOPHONY – R.I.P. Nick Menza, and Other Brutal Shit

1 – Megadeth – Take No Prisoners
2 – Megadeth – Tornado of Souls
3 – Megadeth – Architecture of Aggression
4 – Megadeth – Ashes in Your Mouth
5 – Megadeth – Addicted to Chaos
6 – Megadeth – The Killing Road
7 – Megadeth – Trust
8 – Megadeth – She-Wolf
9 – Dark Funeral – Unchain My Soul
10 – Dark Funeral – Beast Above Man
11 – Infant Annihilator – Soil the Stillborn
12 – Primacy (NZ) – Failure and Sacrifice

CACOPHONY – Where Metal Forever Reigns

13 – Metallica – Dyers Eve (R)
14 – Exodus – A Lesson in Violence (R)
15 – Death Angel – River of Rapture (R)
16 – Cannibal Corpse – Hammer Smashed Face (R)
17 – Dark Funeral – To Carve Another Wound
18 – Dark Funeral – Nail Them To The Cross
19 – Deny (NZ) – Mother Nature
20 - Heavy Metal Ninjas (NZ) – Design
21 – Odiusembowel (NZ) – Mephitic Sermon
22 - Atheist – Second to Sun
23 – Blotted Science – E.E.G. Tracings
24 – Austrian Death Machine – You Lack Discipline (There is no Bathroom)
25 – Carcass – Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
26 – Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign
27 – Hirax – Baptized
28 – Impaled – The Last Grasp
29 – Strapping Young Lad – All Hail the New Flesh
30 – Terrorizer – Hordes of Zombies
31 – Coroner – I Want You (She’s So Heavy)



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June 07, 2016

the Suicide and Death of Angels on CACOPHONY...

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Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show.

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This time on CACOPHONY we catch up with some of the non-NZ Metal happenings during NZ Metal Month. The LostMessiahs favourite genre Thrash is up this week with featured albums from Suicidal Angels and Death Angel. New Metal from Angerhead, Destruction, Metal Church and more… Plus the usual Kiwi contingent of Metal and requests for Danzig, Judas Priest and Pantera… all in this weeks show!

Thanks to Online Metal Promo, Nuclear Blast Records and Noiseart Records

Angel Suicide Playlist

Destruction - Pathogenic
Tainted [NZ] - Avarice
Angerhead - Take Me As I Am
Hellbourne [NZ] - Cocaine Shame
* Suicidal Angels - Image Of The Serpent + Set The Cities On Fire + Bullet In A Chamber + Cold Blood Murder
Beastwars [NZ] - Call To The Mountain
Danzig - Twist Of Cain [Request]
Judas Priest - Electric Eye [Request]
Pantera - I'm Broken [Request]

Angel Death Playlist

Dream Death - Dissemination
Septicide [NZ] - Artillery
Anthrax - For All Kings
Destructatron [NZ] - Castles
* Death Angel - Cause For Alarm + Hell To Pay + Hatred United, United Hate + Breakaway
Angerhead - Iron Fist [Motorhead Cover]
Opprobrium - Voices From The Grave
Lost Society - I Am The Antidote
Destroyer 666 - Live And Burn
Metal Church - Killing Your Time



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100% Kiwi Brooootality on CACOPHONY...

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Christchurch's very own HEAVY METAL radio show on…

RDU98.5FM Tuesday's 10pm-12pm

Radio Addington 107.5FM, Friday & following Monday at 10pm

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Tonight on CACOPHONY, Captain Catsquid and Corporal Jigsore are joined by Gutsprayer Lindsey Crone for the final show of NZMM, and we'll be busting out some rare as fuck kiwi BROOOTALITY including Demoniac, Spiteful Urinator, Depraved, Place Of Skulls, Meth Drinker -Unofficial-, Odiusembowel, and a Metal fuck ton more!

CACOPHONY – 100% Kiwi Brooootality, Part 1

01 – Eviscerate – Sodomizing the Corpse
02 – Exordium Mors – Primordial Inversion Evolution
03 – Hatred – Wrong Path
04 – Spiteful Urinator – Suffocation Panic
05 – Threshold of Terror – Flashbacks of a Future Existence
06 – Creeping – Pestilential Rain
07 - Molested Entrails – M.A.D
08 – Demoniac – The Return of the Darkness and Evil (Bathory Cover)
09 – Confessor – Satin Sheet Action
10 – Load Master – Muppet, Fuck It
11 – Dying of the Light – Tribulation
12 – Offal Stench – Mesmerized by the Disfigured Afterbirth
13 – Place of Skulls – Domed Horrific Existence
14 - Organectomy – Impale the Bitch

CACOPHONY – 100% Kiwi Brooootality, Part 2

15 - Backyard Burial – A Promising Young Law Student
16 – Balthazar – Death Whispers in Blackened Tongue
17 – Meatyard – Cough Up Blood
18 – Odiusembowel – Awaiting Injection
19 – Gormukilliodokus – Toxic Stuff
20 – Lord Goat – Barblivial Holocaust
21 – Depraved – Dungeon Party
22 – Heresiarch – Endethraest
23 – Emperium Satani – Blasphemous Verses
24 - Convulsion – Lobotomized Whores
25 – Enshrine – My Tongue a Window
26 – Bulletbelt – Succumb
27 – Azazel – Summoned from the Underworld
28 – Hiemal – III
29 – Whorecorpse – Shitcunts
30 – Veneficium – Mefetic Exhumations


Saturday June 4th @ Darkroom – Setting Fire to Stacy with Thunderwulf, free entry.

Saturday June 25th @ The Embankment Tavern – Embankment of Brutality featuring Whorecorpse, Place of Skulls and Gormukilliodokus, 9pm start, free entry.

July 15th @ Darkroom – Blindfolded and Led to the Woods, playing their upcoming second album in full before heading up north to record it! With support from Setentia and Swarf, $10 on the door.

July 15th @ Churchills Live – Altearoa presents Frostocalypse, featuring Empire, Scizerac, In Our Sights, and State of malice, $10 on the door.

Friday July 22nd @ Churchills Live – Into Orbit, with Troika and Samsara, $10 on the door.

July 30th at Darkroom – Winterfest, featuring Vargafrost, Men An Tol, Voice of the Black Pharaoh with more TBA, only $5 on the door.



sMail CACOPHONY, POBox33044, Barrington, Christchurch 8244, New Zealand.