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August 22, 2017

a CACOPHONY of Thrash...

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This week on a CACOPHONY of Thrash the LostMessiah catches up with Thrash releases from the first half of the year. Feature artists are The Charm The Fury and Goatwhore, plus new releases from Warbringer, Harlott, Flaming Wreckage and Grit. A couple of Slayer Covers from Drescher and Body Count and the usual self-promotion of NZ Metal!

The Charm The Fury [Netherlands] [Female Fronted NU/Thrash] - The Sick, Dumb and Happy [2017]

Goatwhore [USA] [Thrash/Death/Black] - Vengeful Ascension [2017]

Charm and Fury Playlist

Warbringer - Remain Violent
New Way Home [NZ] - Mirror
Flaming Wreckage - Blood Stained
Awakened Inferno [NZ] - You're Going To Hell
* The Charm The Fury - Weaponized + The Future Need Us Not + The Hell In Me + Break And Dominate
Denial [NZ] - Godspawn
Drescher - Es reignt Bluat [Slayer Cover]
Septicide [NZ] - Infected By Opinion
Overkill - The Wheel
Tainted [NZ] - Torch The Ground
Sepultura - I Am The Enemy

Goats and Whores Playlist

Rex Brown [ex Pantera] - Lone Rider
Deathnir [NZ] - Wings Of Death
Body Count - Raining Blood/Postmortem [Slayer Covers]
Bow Messiah [NZ] - Fun With A Knife
* Goatwhore - Under The Flesh, Into The Soul + Chaos Arcane + Drowned In Grim Rebirth + Mankind Will Have No Mercy
Sinate [NZ] - Return To Scars
Grit - Pity
Resporn [NZ] - Solace
Harlott -The Penitent
Hellborne [NZ] - Dead And Nothing New
Havok - Intention To Deceive





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