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September 18, 2017

In Brief look at "Bring Me Fire" on CACOPHONY.

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This time it's a CACOPHONY In Brief look at the Debut album “Bring Me Fire” by Christchurch based rock & metal band Suede Arcade.

National finalists in both the 2007and 2009 Battle of the Bands, with a number of Singles and Eps under their belts, this time it's a full frontal assault on the metal lobes of the young and deaf alike…

Check them out and the new album “Bring Me Fire” online and view the awesome video to Devilspeed filmed in a mental asylum!

<Devilspeed Video> https://youtu.be/avx4ytkJ6Is

01 - Filth And Fury
02 - Bring Me Fire
03 - Death Of Hope





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