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January 25, 2018

an In Brief look back a year ago to Aversions Crown - Xenocide on CACOPHONY

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This time on CACOPHONY we take a step back one year ago to a band that released their third album Xenocide and play a few tracks that didn't make it on to the main CACOPHONY playlist. Not because they weren’t good enough - but due to time/length constraints of the main show.

Aversions Crown are from Brisbane and with a mix of melodic vocals, to screams and growls, including the intensity of three guitars puts them in the Metalcore/Death or Deathcore genre.

Check out these three tracks and check out the band at the links below.

Aversions Crown [Australia] [Deathcore] - Xenocide [20th Jan, 2017]

Cynical Entity





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