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November 18, 2019

Metal United World Wide: Save The Date 2020

Metal United World Wide: Save The Date 2020




After 2 successful rounds of MUWW (Metal United World Wide) with 400 bands and around 40 countries participating both times, the MUWW team could agree on a new date for 2020. Taking into consideration Ramadan, European Festival Summer and a number of other major happenings around the world, MUWW has moved (pun intended) to September. Brace yourselves for MUWW number three on 19 September 2020.

For those who would like to catch up on the shows they missed, we have compiled a youtube playlist with recorded live streams or videos from a range of countries. On our Facebook page, we shared a large number of videos, photos and reviews. Finally, the lists of shows, participating bands and partners can be found on our website www.metal-united-world-wide.com

The Metal United World Wide team has started preparations for the third round. If you want to be part as a organiser, media partner or supporter - let us know. Don't forget, it's a community project and everybody can participate and contribute.

So on 19 September 2020 we'll hear the MUWW motto from everywhere in this world yet another time:
United We Stand, Divided We Fall! \m/

Metal United World Wide is an initiative to overcome the distances between the widespread individual communities. The event consists of shows around the world on the same date under the united banner. For media contacts, email michael@black-roos.com


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