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August 30, 2021

Want More Power on CACOPHONY?

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This week the Lost Messiah gets all Power 'd up with new albums from Warkings, Epica, Phoenix Rising and Burning Witches. New releases from Helloween, Van Canto, Hammer King, Powerwolf and Ad Infinitum. The usual NZ Metal to promote the local bands and of course the Lost Messiah attempting to be conversational...

Burning Witches [Switzerland] [Power] - The Witch Of The North [2021]

Phoenix Rising [Spain] [Symphonic Power] - Acta Est Fabula [2021]

Burning Phoenix Playlist

Helloween - Skyfall
Awakened Inferno [NZ] - Killing Immortality
* Burning Witches - Tainted Ritual
* Burning Witches - The Circle Of Five
* Burning Witches - Nine Worlds
* Burning Witches - Dragon's Dream
* Phoenix Rising - Acta Est Fabula
* Phoenix Rising - Deriva Speranza
* Phoenix Rising - Achterhuis
* Phoenix Rising - Ira Ciega
Earthshield [NZ] - Invatation
Van Canto - Falling Down

Epica [Netherlands] [Symphonic Power] - Omega [2021]

Warkings [Germany] [Power] - Revolution [2021]

Epica Power Playlist

Hammer King - Hammerschlag
Stormforge [NZ] - Star Descended
* Epica - Seal Of Solomon
* Epica - Gaia
* Epica - Freedom The Wolves Within
* Epica - Synergize Magic Manifest
Powerwolf - Beast Of Gevaudan
Forsaken Age [NZ] - Wolves Of War
* Warkings - We Are The Fire
* Warkings - Fight
* Warkings - Spartacus (feat. The Lost Lord)
Awakened Inferno [NZ] - Tear It A New One
Ad Infinitum - Unstoppable


Sat 11th Sep @ 12 Bar [Christchurch] - Blindfolded And Led To The Woods - NZ Tour

Sat 18th Sep @ 12 Bar [Christchurch] - Elidi with Guests

Sat 25th Sep @ Rolling Stone [Christchurch] - Damage Effect [NZ] Metallica Tribute

Wed 6th October @ Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] - WHORES [USA], Oz & NZ TOUR

Sat 30th October @ Embankment Tavern [Christchurch] - Satanfest 2021 feat. Stalker, Nystagmus, Place of Skulls, Bloody Hell, Taur Nu Fuin, Abhor (& Malevolence tbc). $20 Tix at Gutsprayer Records.


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